Apple | Senior Producer

Role: Senior Producer
Project: Hardware & Retail Platforms
Client: Apple (Cupertino, CA)
Brand: Apple
Year: 2019-Current

  • Lead Producer on the Retail Platform team. Our team conducts user testing on new features, I translate user feedback into software functionality which informs UX, design, taxonomy structure, backend. I manage the timeline and ensure a successful launch.
  • Experience producing highly secretive “black” projects while managing, distributing large quantity of assets within a marketing organization. I lead a team to create over 700 bespoke images for Apple Watch.
  • Lead Producer on 3D product asset creation, shared with marketing for the Apple Watch Series 5 launch. Hardware imagery is created to be an exact photo representation of the product. The final 3D imagery had to be not only accurate to the original hardware CAD file, but the season’s watch band colors had to be photo realistic and accurate to the physical product itself.
  • My role is to ensure hardware imagery is accurately represented in marketing across platforms.
  • Lead Producer in planning, kickoff, production and delivery of hundreds of hardware images to functional teams.
  • Maintain relationships with Industrial Design (ID) and Product Design (PD) to validate product info, and acquire reference prototypes and material samples.
  • Lead Producer across multiple vendors to ensure budgetary, creative and delivery targets for all projects are met.
  • Actively work with the Hardware Art Director (HWAD) to create and develop best creative practice and standards for the product category.